Ambrosia Love Volume Shampoo and Conditioner

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Pump up the volume! Essential amino acids provide easy and complete absorption of nutrients into hair's innermost layers. This shampoo and conditioner cleanses and rebuilds each strand to a visibly fuller, lighter, and glossier finish for hair that resists shedding, breakage and is larger than life! Sulfate and Paraben free. 

The Benefits:

  • QUINOA PROTEIN: Penetrates the hair shaft plumping each strand to maximum fullness
  • BENTONITE CLAY: plums, strengthens and protects hair. This clay also cleanses the toxins in and on your hair. When it comes in contact with a toxin, chemical, or heavy metal, the clay will absorb the toxin and release its minerals for the body to use. Bentonite also helps get oxygen to cells as it pulls excess hydrogen and allows the cells to replace it with oxygen instead.


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