How to Keep Your Hair Healthy While Wearing Extensions

We want to change the way that women buy hair products. Protective styling products are becoming extremely popular amongst women of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and stages of life. Wearing protective style products such as hair extensions or wigs can provide you with a number of positive results such as:

  • Promoting growth of your own hair
  • Ability to drastically change your look
  • Freedom to rock lengthened or shortened styles without altering your hair

However without proper care and installation wearing protective products can lead to temporary or even permanent hair loss. We want to ensure that you are able to enjoy your hair products while preserving the overall health of your own hair. 

Following the simple rules below can minimize an unhealthy experience with your protective styling choices.

  1. Rebuild Your Foundation- If you are wearing hair extensions or wigs to cover your damaged hair, begin to work on repairing your own hair. This may take some time however with a healthy hair care regiment you can rebuild your foundation. 
  2. Have Your Products Installed by a Professional - Improper installation OR removal of your protective products can lead to numerous unhealthy complications for your hair. Traction Alopecia has increased due to unnecessary tension on your hair or improper usage of glues or bonds. Do not hesitate to question your stylist about their application methods,  product knowledge and experience.A great stylist will not hesitate to educate you on proper installation methods.
  3. Regular Maintenance - There is a responsibility with wearing protective styling products. As your hair grows you should have it cleaned and re-braided regularly to minimize breakage and unwanted dreading. Your extensions should remove easily and be quality enough to reapply beautifully after each maintenance. 
  4. Install the Correct Products - There are numerous options for extensions and wigs. Knowing which product is right for your hair keeps you from causing unnecessary damage to your own hair. See our next post for detailed descriptions of the various products

We want you to enjoy your choice of styling and not fall victim to unhealthy practices

Apr 14th 2019 Michelle T.

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